Custom Solutions

LumaShift’s ability to customize solutions and to integrate systems helped us a lot in the last years of growth”

Vikor Scientific 

Our fully-customizable technology solutions are scalable and deployable on short notice.  Each client’s dashboard can be customized to suit their unique needs.  


Laboratory Information System Analysis Dashboard   


Root Cause Analysis  


“At Medcillary, we identify innovative products and services that are changing healthcare for the better. [LumaShift] provides our clients next-generation A/R forensic recovery and revenue cycle management services – combining professional expertise with advanced processes and technology to deliver amazing results.”  

– Jon Boski, CEO of Medicillary 

Tackling the causes of claim denials is a proven pathway for healthcare organizations to reduce denials and increase the success rate of claims appeals. However, conducting root cause analysis is challenging when various aspects of the revenue cycle are spread across disparate teams and information silos.  

LumaShift sheds light on previously hidden patterns through clear visualization and organization of data.